Sarah's tips for finding the right haircut for your face shape

It's important to understand your face shape when choosing a new style as you will want to make the most of your features and avoid haircuts that put your face out of balance. If you are not sure, do ask your stylist, who will be happy to advise you on selecting the right style for your face shape.

1. Oval face shape
Identified by: rounded jaw, a forehead slightly wider than the chin and face length 1.5 times the width (e.g. Beyonce)
Best styles: Long and wavy, shoulder length and flipping out, or an a-line bob
Styles to avoid: Nothing, your face shape is very versatile!  

2. Round face shape
Identified by: round and full jawline and chubby cheeks. The length and width of your face are equal (e.g. Cameron Diaz)
Best styles: a lob with a side parting, a side wavy ponytail, or long with layers
Styles to avoid: a flat-looking pixie cut, a bob with a blunt fringe or medium voluminous curls

3. Square face shape
Identified by: a strong jawline and square chin and a forehead that is the length of your jawline. The length and height of your face is equal (e.g. Angelina Jolie)
Best styles: long layered hairstyle with side fringe, long waves and an a-line chin-length bob
Styles to avoid: a pixie cut wth a blunt fringe, a sleek ponytail or a jaw-length blunt bob

4. Rectangle face shape
Identified by: your face is narrow and thin without angles and with the prevalence of length over width (e.g. Liv Tyler)
Best styles: long voluminous curls with an arched fringe, medium bouncy curls with a blunt fringe and a medium length flip out bob
Styles to avoid: long straight hair with a side fringe, a high voluminous top knot and a half up bouffant-style

5. Heart face shape
Identified by: wide forehead and cheekbones, a relatively narrow jawline and pointy chin, and a prevalence of length over width (e.g. Reese Witherspoon)
Best styles: curly with a side fringe, a medium length cut with flicks and a curly side ponytail
Styles to avoid: low ponytail with a blunt fringe, a voluminous pixie style and an extra short voluminous bob!

6. Diamond face shape
Identified by: narrow hairline and pointy chin, your cheekbones are widest part of your face and the face is slightly longer than it is wide (e.g. Jennifer Love Hewitt)
Best styles: angled pixie cut, a medium layered cut and a layered lob
Styles to avoid: an edgy voluminous pixie cut, an up-do with a big bouffant and a voluminous short hairstyle

Sarah Rumsey