How to braid hair . . . don't panic! Let's make it easy and cool

When it comes to knowing to how to braid hair, I hate to admit it, but I don't find it easy. I think having had three boys, I'm lacking in a little practice and having unruly, thick curls I have always shyed away. Now my job requires me to master them for bridal hair, I've begun to enjoy them as an art form and find myself watching braid tutorials in my spare time.

Fortunately, easy braids do indeed exist and so  I’ve gathered four here. No French braids, no triple fishtails - just pretty, deceptively simple braids that even a beginner could attempt.

Double Bun Braids - These fun braided double buns are perfect for Summer days and festivals. They're quick, easy and gentle on natural hair.

1. Part your hair down the middle.

2. Run a styling creme through your hair from root to tip to nourish, and to help with the braiding.

3. Starting at the front of one side, take a 1 inch lock of hair and braid it.

4. Gather some more of your hair from the same side, and tie it up with the braid at the back of your head. Repeat on the other side. You can have all of your hair up, in buns or leave some down and use a styling tong to create messy waves. 

5. When both sides are finished you can decorate your parting with glitter and sparkles and you are ready for the party!

Two Braid Side Braid - What a mouthful! This voluminous side braid may look complicated but is in fact super easy.

1. Start with unwashed hair work throughout with dry shampoo. I always recommend Aveda's Dry Shampoo, as it smells lovely and has a fun squeezy bottle.

2. Gather all of your hair to one side and divide the hair into two equal sections.

3. Braid one section and secure with a small elastic.

4. Next, braid the second section of hair.

5. When you get to the end of the second braid, remove the elastic from the first braid, and layer the end of one braid over the end of the other to seamlessly combine them.

6. Secure both braids together with an elastic. Gently pull the loops of the braids outward to make them fuller.

Braided updo - Most updos that are this romantic and pretty involve way more delicate handiwork than a beginner braider has to offer, but not this one. 

1. Start by taking a small section of hair, about 1 inch wide, from one side of your head, close to your part and braiding it. Secure with a small band. You can leave that small braid hanging for now.

2. Take another section of hair, the same size and  a few inches below that first braid and create a simple twist. Secure again.

3. Repeat these steps on the other side of your head, creating one braid and one twist.

4. Gather all the braids and the twists to the back of your head, and secure them together with another small elastic.

5. Carefully take the remaining hair up, section by section, and tuck it into the band that was created by your braids and twists. Secure with bobby pins or clips and you're done. Afterwards, use a light hold hairspray like Aveda's Air Control hairspray to tame any flyaway hair and give some support to your creation

Braided Low Bun - You don’t even need fancy braiding skills for this sweet updo. 

1. Lightly back comb your hair at your crown to create volume. You can use a little Dry shampoo to help with this. Always use Dry shampoo at your roots.

2. Divide your hair into three even sections, and braid them regularly. Always secure with a small band. Gently pull the braids outward to make them fuller.

3. Coil each braid into a knot at the nape of your neck, and secure to your head with bobby pins. Use a little of Aveda's Air Control hairspray to help it last all day.

4. If you would like a slick, clean look as in the image, then just slick down your hair with a gel or oil and repeat the above steps. Sometimes a slicked look can be easier to do whilst your hair is still wet and allow it to dry naturally throughout the day. For a change in the evening just open your braided buns , dry if need be and hey presto you have soft relaxed waves!!

Sarah Rumsey