Balayage, Highlights & Foils

Balayage, Highlights & Foils

Balayage, Highlights & Foils

Hair Colouring

Aveda Hair Colour gives you vibrant colour that lasts and because it’s up to 99% naturally derived, it’s essentially damage free, so you can be assured that you are using the best possible colour for your hair, with no compromise on the results. Our expertly trained stylists will give you a professional consultation to create perfect tones and highlights; subtle enhancements to glamorous fashion shades. We will use perfected techniques to bring out your hair’s own natural beauty. Every new guest must receive a patch test 48 hours before having a colour service. The colour service will not be performed,without it, as we have your comfort and safety as our priority.


Balayage (pronounced bah-ley-ahge) has been around for a while, but, this timeless technique has recently become a firm favourite in the UK. Balayage means ‘to sweep’ in French and this hand painting technique allows for a sun-kissed natural, hair colour, with softer, less noticeable re-growth lines. New dimension can be added to your hair by creating new tones, adding depth or making your hair more vibrant. A good stylist will know that they need to adapt their technique for each guest, so as to get a personalised result. Balayage requires very little maintenance and grows out beautifully.

Highlights & Foils

If celebrities have taught us anything in recent years, it’s that highlights can differ drastically. Frosted, rainbow, ribboned, baby-lights, slicing or lowlights. From sun-kissed to cool contrasts, chunky to near invisible, the options appear endless for livening up dull strands. Pop in and have a 15 minute free consultation with one of our stylists, to decide which is best for you and your lifestyle.

Permanent Colour & Demi-Plus Colour

With anything from a subtle enhancement to a drastic makeover, our 97% plant derived full head permanent colour formula will boost, shine, confidence and hair quality.

Semi permanent is our 6 week fade out colour, which enhances your natural shade and gives you the wow factor, without the commitment. Best for enriching your natural tone or going darker.

master stylist price
Full head highlights £115
Half head highlights £90
Parting head highlights £70
Scattered Foils £40
Full Tint £70
Tint regrowth £55
Semi permanent Colour £60
Men's grey blending £30
Balayage £150
senior stylist prices
Full head highlights £105
Half head highlights £80
Parting head highlights £61
Scattered Foils £37
Full Tint £65
Tint regrowth £50
Semi-permanent Colour £54
Men's grey blending £30
Balayage £130